Terms and Conditions

Everybody hates reading the small print  - but it's important that our customers know what they're agreeing to when booking a party with us.  We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic children's parties but we also like to make sure we have happy mums and dads!


These Terms and Conditions have been created to avoid any doubt and to put your mind at ease. The responsible adult who is booking the party should read these Terms and Conditions so they are aware of:


  • Our expectations of the responsible adult who is the party booker ( the hirer, you)

  • Our expectations of the children

  • What you should expect from Polly's Party Bus (we,us)


When you book a party / event with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions listed on this page.


When you request a booking for your child's party , dates / bookings are not reserved until your deposit is paid. 

Your booking requires a non refundable deposit of £50.00 to secure your booking. Payment can be made via BACS to the bank account details we provide you. You'll get confirmation of your booking via email.

The outstanding balance will then need to be settled seven days before the date of your party.

In the event your party is within the next 7 days,  then full payment will be requested to secure your booking. You'll get immediate confirmation of your booking and your party invitations will be emailed to you

Full payment must be received within seven days of your event to secure your date, part, late nor non payment is not acceptable and failure to settle the outstanding balance may result in date being offered to somebody else. 

Polly's Party Bus accepts no responsibility for reminding you that the balance is due.

Your booking confirmation will be emailed to you which will detail the time slot and date of your event; the address the bus is coming out to; and details of the birthday child. Please ensure you read through these and check the details on your booking confirmation are correct. Any errors in the details should be bought to our attention, by you, the hirer.




  • It is your responsibility to ensure Polly's Party Bus has access to your desired location. Failure to gain access on time may result in your party starting late and in these circumstance no additional party time will be given.

  • In the event that access was not gained, Polly's Party Bus will not be held responsible for cancelling your party and in these circumstances no refund will be issued.

  • Parking is usually at kerbside.


To ensure we have suitable access, you must ensure:

  • You allow 6-8 car lengths so we can manoeuvre and park the bus. To help you, we will provide you a " Where to park a bus " guide which will help you see how much space we require and what we need on the day! Parking is usually at kerbside where roads should be flat as the bus cannot park on a hill. Our bus is 8ft wide, 16ft tall and weighs 12 tonnes. Parking on your driveway or grass verges will be at the driver's discretion.

  • You notify us of any low bridges in your area as this may affect our journey time.

  • You notify us of any low hanging trees. Our bus cannot pass under any branches that may come into contact with the bus.

  • You notify us of any roadworks local to your area. Our driver will work hard to find the most suitable route to get to you, but roadworks could delay us getting to you and we cannot be held liable for being late. Should this happen, Polly's Party Bus will contact you immediately.

  • That your road is suitable for a double decker bus. The road should be standard width and level. The road must be wide enough for the bus and a car to safely pass each other.

Whilst on route, if our driver deems the route unsuitable or access cannot be gained due to above, Polly's Party Bus cannot be held liable for lateness. Polly's Party Bus will contact you immediately should this happen.

Failure to notify us of the above may result in a delay in starting your event and in extreme cases postponing / cancelling your party forfeiting your payment.




  • Polly's Party Bus will endeavor to arrive 15 minutes prior to the agreed time and cannot accept any liability for any delay in reaching the venue due to roadworks, traffic or any other highway issue. Where possible, additional party time can be given at the end of the party but this is subject to our availability.

  • In the unlikely event that due to mechanical fault, adverse weather, or other uncontrollable circumstances we are unable to fulfill your booking, Polly's Party Bus will contact you immediately and seek alternatives with guidance from you, the hirer.  

  • Polly's Party Bus will require access to electricity to run the on board entertainment through a 13 amp socket ( we provide the extension cables). 

  • Upon arrival, Polly's Party Bus requests that children remain away from the bus whilst our driver parks the bus. 

  • Once the bus is safely parked, a Polly's Party Bus staff member will approach the responsible adult and give a tour of the bus before the children are grouped together .

  • Polly's Party Bus will then greet the children and then board the bus.

  • The bus will remain stationary throughout the party.

  • The care and supervision of the children using Polly's Party Bus are at all times the responsibility of you, the hirer. Please note that only you, the hirer, are allowed access to the bus during the party. Polly's Party Bus staff are responsible for running the party/event and to operate/manage the vehicle and equipment. Please note that all other adult guests are prohibited to enter the bus whilst the party is in operation.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to ensure there are toilet facilities that the children can use. Please note that there are no toilets facilities on board the bus. In the event of toilet accidents, if professional cleaning is required, a cleaning fee will be charged to the hirer.

  • The children must remain on the bus for the duration of the party. 

  • Children are not allowed to leave Polly's Party Bus without a member of our staff or the hirer.


Refunds Policy


  • We offer a refund or an alternative party date where cancellation was due to mechanical failure beyond our control.

  • Your party will be rescheduled to another date where adverse weather conditions prevent us coming out to you.

  • If Polly's Party Bus is unable to attend a booking due to negligence on our part, we will offer you an alternative party date or a full refund

  • If you need to cancel your event please contact us immediately.  Depending on your circumstances we will do our best to offer alternative dates, although under normal circumstances you will forfeit your deposit payment.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your event if Polly's Party Bus Terms and Conditions have been breached and under these circumstances a part or full refund request will be denied.


The Party


  • Polly's Party Bus catering staff are fully qualified in food hygiene. We are in compliance with UK/EU standards for Food Hygiene and Safety. Our catering staff are happy to accommodate for all special dietary requirements and it is the party hirers responsibility to make us aware of any special requirements the children may have.

  • The responsible booker must notify Polly's Party Bus of any food allergies. This includes any medical conditions the children attending the party may have.

  • Polly's Party Bus offers make up and facepainting as an optional extra. When facepainting and make up products,  all our are fragrance free, parabens free and formulated for sensitive skin. We recommend that children who have experienced allergies to face painting and make up in the past do not participate in this activity. We cannot be held liable for any skin reactions children may encounter as a result of face paints.

  • Please note that the items advertised on our party packages are on board the bus at all times, however we tailor each party so it's 'just right' for the children at your party, meaning some or all of the activities advertised are enjoyed. For the success of the party, activities enjoyed are dependent on age, ability and interest of the children on board the bus.

  • It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that all members of your party/event leave the vehicle promptly at the end of your allocated time slot. 


Rules of Play


 Your child's safety is our number one priority. These rules must be adhered to at all times for the duration of the party: 

  1. Injured or unwell children will not be allowed on the bus. Exclusions of ill or infectious children is discussed with the responsible adult prior to the children boarding the bus.

  2. Due to health and safety, only the parent of the birthday child is welcome aboard the bus.

  3. The adult boarding the bus must not consume alcohol or bring glassware onto the bus.

  4. Children from the ages of 5 and 14 are allowed to board the bus. Please note that the terms of our insurance will not allow children under the age of 5 on the bus. Sorry, this includes siblings under the age of 5 as well.

  5. No food is allowed in the entertainment area. Food and drink should only be consumed at the tables within the bus's diner.

  6. No rough play, pushing, or poking is allowed amongst the children.

  7. Children must remove jewellery and other sharp objects before entering the bus.

  8. Children should be respectful to each other and Polly's Party Bus staff members. Any unacceptable, aggressive or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in offenders being asked to leave the bus or in serious cases the event being cancelled. 

  9. Children should report any accident or injury to a member of our staff.

  10. The most important rule of all - Have Fun! 

The Bus


  • Polly's Party Bus holds valid MOT, tax and full motor insurance.

  • Polly's Party Bus has public liability insurance

  • Polly's Party Bus has CCTV fitted throughout and is used for the safety and protection of the children, adults and staff. Images captured on our CCTV are not shared with third parties. 

  • Polly's Party Bus staff have all be screened by an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

  • All children will be supervised by our staff for the duration of your event.

  • Polly's Party Bus does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, oil deposits on driveways, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributable to reasons beyond our control.

  • Polly's Party Bus are not responsible for any valuables left on our bus. Personal belongings should be left with the responsible person who booked the party.

  • In the event of damage to our equipment or vehicle by harsh treatment or vandalism that is deemed deliberate, we reserve the right to charge the contracted person the full amount to repair or replace the equipment.

  • We take complaints very seriously, so in the unlikely event you are unhappy with our service, please raise this with a staff member who will work hard to rectify all complaints on the spot.

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